I am a research fellow at the Mixed Reality Lab at University of Nottingham. My research topic is Adaptive Architecture and Responsive Environments, where I mainly focus on the human body in relation to adaptive architecture. I am also involved in a variety of other projects.

During my doctoral studies, I investigated a prototype called ExoBuilding, which enabled the mapping of physiological processes to the building fabric. Taking this as a point of departure, I designed and built a new prototype called WABI around the themes of embodiment and real-time adaptivity. Both prototypes are part of an emerging class of adaptive environments, which will help redefine our understanding of the body-environment relationship. My supervisors were Dr. Holger Schnädelbach (Architecture & Human-Computer Interaction), Dr. Jonathan Hale (Architecture Theory), and Dr. David Kirk (Psychology & Human-Computer Interaction).

I am also interested in adaptive building solutions for dense urban spaces, such as current and historic developments of micro-architectures. Specifically, traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture fascinate me with regard to the compact living solutions, the craftsmanship, and the simultaneous development of highly specialised tools.

I also have an affinity for the Bauhaus movement and Californian Modernism as expressed through the works of Charles and Ray Eames, Rudolph M. Schindler, Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, and Joseph Eichler.

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