current projects

“Personal Data in the Built Environment”

PI: Dr. Holger Schnädelbach

This project investigates the kind of personal data currently being gathered about inhabitants of the built environment by the growing number of sensors embedded and distributed in it. It also examines if inhabitants are aware of the data being collected about them and how they interact with both the data and the architectural context. Part of this research involves building and deploying new prototypes with which these concepts can be explored. For example, one prototype is currently being deployed in an elderly care home to investigate technology adoption and its effectiveness in this specific context.

“Smart Mirrors”

PIs: Prof. Steve Benford, Dr. Michel Valstar

This project involves a smart mirror, which is being co-developed with an industrial partner. I co-design and conduct lab-based experiments to evaluate this new technology. I also design part of the physical appearance of the product. Another angle on smart mirrors is currently being explored in collaboration with Active Ingredient, a local team of artists.

Open innovation in the Food Industry

PIs: Prof. Tom Rodden, Dr. Christian Wagner, Dr. Martin Flintham

The objective of this project is an exploration of innovation in the food industry, I support product design as well as study design, execution, and analysis. A considerable part of this project is about the understanding of and the design (of interfaces) for describing food in uncertain terms.



PI: Dr. Rachel Jacobs

This project is an artistic investigation of smart mirrors and the various layers of reflections enabled by combining digital technology and physical mirrors. The project is experimenting with the proxemic distance to both the mirrors and the digital content as well as probing into various content scenarios delivered through this system of mirrors.